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Each Unit of Competency $210.00
If Field Visit is required add $50.00 

For example: you are seeking to provide proof of your capability for NBN Skill 3 (ICTCBL215 Joint Metallic Conductor Cable in the Access Network) and you have existing work history as a cable jointer. You will need to be able to prove your ability for this activity.

In this case, once you provide the evidence of your capability to BRTechnical, our team of skilled trainers and assessor will evaluate your evidence and, if sufficient, you will be awarde a certificate recognising your competence. 

This process costs only $210 and does not require that you miss work or travel long distances to attend training. If a field visit is required by the assessor, an additional cost of $50 will be added. 

If you were being assessed against more that one competency, you will only be charged once for the assessor field visit.

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Back-to-Base $70.00
Field Visit $75.00 

To request a field visit in the Bundaberg region simply contact Bob Sheppard on 0416 898 618 for an appointment.

GasAlertMicroClip XL 4-Gas Detector



GasAlertMicroClip X3 4-Gas Detector



Quattro Multi-gas Detector



Indicatively, a daily rate of $750. Project rates by negotiation.

BRTechnical also develops generic training materials that can be contextualised to specific RTO requirements.

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