Direct Assessment

Direct Assessment

Direct Assessment training to access NBN contracting is, for many technicians, the preferred method to obtain skill recognition of copper cable jointing, HFC or Fibre-to-the-Curb: this is the Direct Assessment pathway. This process is designed for experienced telecommunications workers seeking to have their knowledge and expertise formally recognised. If you’ve been working for carriers such as NBN, Telstra or Optus, this method is designed to give you a full Certificate.

The significant advantages and benefits of choosing NBN Direct Assessment training are:

  • it takes place while you are on the job without interruption to job schedules
  • a tremendous benefit for employers and contractors not losing employees for long training periods
  • no lost income from being absent from work
  • no being stuck in heavy traffic jams just to turn up late for training
  • no hastles travelling long distances to get to a training venue

When attending training venues, technicians are often required to stay away from home overnight and wear the cost of accommodation, fuel and meals. With the Direct Assessment method the cost and inconvenience is eliminated.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, BRTechnical can deliver Direct Assessment skills recognition and qualifications to you.

RPL & Direct Assessment
NBN Direct Assessment

If you are intending to seek work on FTTC, FTTH or HFC networks you will need to have the competencies described in the NBN SKILL SET.

BRTechnical Direct Assessment Method

This is a self-paced method where we will provide you with basic revision and helpful handouts to assist you to refresh your knowledge and complete the process. Instead of completing a full training course we have combined the course content with the RPL process and tailored it to the Direct Assessment process. 

Your Direct Assessment journey is very simple. You will be asked questions to ensure you have the knowledge required to meet the Knowledge Evidence. The next step in the process is to submit all the required Performance Evidence to demonstrate your capability.

Our administrative process is automated and allows you to track your progress during the submission and evaluation phases. An Assessor will track your progress to ensure all evidence is correct and will be available to provide guidance to you.

To view the list of Direct Assessment competencies follow the link below or send an Enquire Now for further detail. When you are ready to proceed go to the Book a Training Course link and enroll on-line to get the ball rolling.

You may not have enough evidence to satisfy Direct Assessment and don’t wish to sit through weeks in a training room. The Recognition of Prior Learning pathway may be your best option if you have industry knowledge and experience.


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