About BRTechnical

Simplifying Compliance and Training for Technicians

BRTechnical, through its director Bob Sheppard, has been involved in the telecommunications technology industry since 1972. Since 2002 we have been  providing training and technical solutions to small, mid-sized and large technology companies. 

Our reputation is built on achieving innovative solutions to significantly reduce or even eliminate workforce downtime allowing contractors to achieve skills and safety compliance at the lowest cost.

Our Mission

To utilise our skills and resources to assist people to be the best they can be and work toward achieving their life goals.

Core Values

Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Safety and Excellence in Performance.

Our core values are rooted in high standards of integrity in our dealings with customers, partners and suppliers.  It means being honest and fair when we give price quotes, track time, provide project updates and pay our bills.  It means a strong work ethic and “going the extra mile.”