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Direct Assessment for NBN™, Telstra™ & Optus™ Technicians

If you are seeking Direct Assessment for NBN™, Telstra™ & Optus™ technicians, BRTechnical is your logical choice. Working closely with other training organisations, BRTechnical delivers high quality training experience to the telecommunications industry.

Our Direct Assessment training products are designed to provide a modern and efficient means of gaining recognition for your skills in the fastest, hassle free, and most economic and convenient way.

Direct Assessment Advantage

Experienced technicians prefer the Direct Assessment pathway to obtain skill recognition for copper, HFC and Fibre. The Direct Assessment process is designed for experienced telecommunications workers seeking to have their knowledge and expertise formally recognised. This means that on completion of this simplified process you will receive recognition for the skill you have just completed and be issued with a certificate showing successful completion for that competency.

The certificate you obtain through BRTechnical is nationally recognised. It can be used for any employment opportunity that requires proof of your competence.

For example, if you are an experienced Telstra cable jointer and do not have formal recognition of your skills but you are able to demonstrate your capability, you will be issued with a certificate that can be used in NBN, Telstra or with any contractor performing that type of work.

Direct Assessment Benefits

The significant advantages and benefits of Direct Assessment are:

  • a perfect solution for contractors and employers
  • it takes place while you are on the job
  • no lost time from being away from work
  • no lost income from being absent from work
  • no being stuck in heavy traffic jams
  • no hassles travelling long distances to get to a training venue

When attending a training venue, experienced technicians may be required to stay away from home overnight and add the costs of accommodation, fuel and meals to the cost of the course. With the Direct Assessment these additional costs and inconveniences are eliminated.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, BRTechnical will deliver Direct Assessment skills recognition and qualifications to you.

Book now to start your Direct Assessment process.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning, known as RPL, is an assessment process that involves assessment of  relevant prior learning. This includes formal and informal on-the-job learning. Information and evidence supplied will help to determine the credit outcomes.

RPL is  faster, more cost effective and efficient than face-to-face training. It is another way for technicians to obtain recognition for knowledge and skills they already possess without going through the process of taking time off work to attend formal face-to-face training.

If you have trade skills and experience but have never completed an apprenticeship, traineeship or gained a formal qualifications, you can apply to have your skills assessed and be formally recognised as a tradesperson with certificates.

​​RPL Pathway

is the opportunity to have your skills and experience formally recognised. Contact BRTechnical, register for RPL and we will send you the RPL kit and provide personal support during your RPL journey.

Contact Us now for more information about the RPL process.

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